Press Release

July 18th, 2018

Become a Millionnaire global promotion

Paris & Sydney, July 18, 2018 – Airport Millionaire (Million’Air in Europe) is Lagardère Travel Retail’s largest annual promotion and is running simultaneously across 8 countries in Europe and the Pacific in July and August 2018.

In Europe, Airport Million’Air is taking place from 3rd July to 28th August 2018 in 70 shops in Italy, France, Luxembourg, the UK, and the Czech Republic. Participants have to spend €5 or more (excluding Tobacco) in Aelia Duty Free stores. Upon buying certain brands (Gold or Platinum), customers receive bonus chances to win (2 or 3 more chances). If purchases are made with VISA, the customer receives 3 further bonus chances. Airport Million’air is also available online with a dedicated mini-website, through Click&Collect and Shop&Collect websites and local social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

In the Pacific region, Airport Millionaire has been launched for the fourth consecutive year, across Lagardère Travel Retail’s network of stores in Australia and New Zealand from 3rd July to 3rd September 2018. Spanning across all brands including Duty Free, Travel Essentials & Foodservice, ‘Our Airport Millionaire promotion just gets bigger and better every year’, says Przemyslaw Lesniak, CEO of Lagardère Travel Retail in the Pacific. ‘The collaboration and support we receive from our vendors and Landlords is phenomenal, and the chance for one of our customers to win $1 million is exciting.’

The promotion aligns the needs of associated stakeholders and translates these in a novel way into customer sales. This promotion is used as a tool to drive sales and ATV (average transaction value) through upsell: the more a client spends the more entries he/she receives and the more chances he/she has to win. The aim is to create some excitement in-store, drive sales and make one customer a millionaire!